Gorilla Go Wild Scratch

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Gorilla Go Wild Scratch

Daar is geen rede vir enigiemand bekend te stel aan die chaos en manewales van Gary die gorilla van die gorilla Go Wild slot game! Daar is nie veel oor om die verbeelding na Gary die slots vir jou omgekeer en hy is terug in die Gorilla Go Wild Scratch game! With the very same characters back on your screen all you need to do this time is pas om te wen rather than spin to win as you did in the popular slot game.

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Spel en opsies

The gameplay of the scratch version of Gorilla Go wild is slightly different from the slot version! Yes, the aim is om ryk te word en geniet, but there is a slight change in how you do it. As mentioned earlier, the game is a scratch card version and to progress in the game you need to match cards to win. The Gorilla Go Wild Scratch game is a 3×3 scratch card version and all you really need to do is make sure that you krap en kry wat ooreenstem met cards every time.

Features with a twist!

One of the biggest plus points of this game is the fact that it has made very little deviations from the slot version. Gary the gorilla is the wild card here and getting matching symbols of Gary thrice gives you the hoogste beloning en die spel opbrengste in the table. The game also has all the other icons right from the glittering crown to the delicious banana. The banana icon gives you the lowest returns on the table.

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Maar die draai in die Gorilla Go Wild Scratch game comes from the pyramid scatter symbol. Getting the pyramid scatter symbol is super gelukkig because it takes you right back to the original Gorilla Go Wild slot game! And the best part is that you get 10 free spins! In these 10 free spins, the typical slot game rules apply! So, in essence, you get to play the scratch card version and slot game version of the same game when you opt for the scratch game and are lucky enough to get three scatters!

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For those who enjoyed the Gorilla Go Wild slots, the Gorilla Go Wild nuuts af is in every way as good and even has an added factor of suspense and thrill until you reveal all cards. The game is quite rewarding and even takes you back to the slot game! There is honestly nothing left to the imagination, again! Scratch and win big now.