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1 Can 2 Can

The Online Casino Phone Slots Bonus Where if 1 Can, 2 Can Stand Along!

Okay, perhaps that was a bit of a cheap pun, but this light-hearted and fun-filled phone slots game brings out the silly playfulness in everybody! Visit the gorgeous tropical paradise and play slots for free to meet the 2 toucans who live there: 1 Can, and 2 Can. They’re always hungry for the tropical fruits hanging in the forest, so it’s just as well that this 5 reel game has a wonderful slot bonus filled with tropical fruits at Slot Fruity.

Players have to help the toucans uncover as much fruit (kiwi fruits, pineapples and pomegranates etc) as possible, and earn real slots site bonus jackpots and free spins along the way at Slot Fruity. Make the most out of casino slots deposit Bonus by phone features to earn an even bigger slots bonus and maximise your play for real money potential.

The Bonus Treasure That 1 Can and 2 Can Find at Slot Fruity Which Rewards Gloriously:

1 Can 2 Can at Slot Fruity is a fun-filled game to win online, starting with the wild feature symbols. The wild feature symbols are the letters A, K, Q and J, and the numbers 9 and 10. The numbers and letters are covered with the fruits that the two birds are looking for.

The scatter symbols are the Toucans’ Beaks, lizards and the tropical monkeys.

In the slots bonus features, players with the right winning combinations will be awarded with the Wild Bonus, and the Scatter Bonus features:

  • The toucans will randomly appear to add the wild symbols on the reels to increase your earnings
  • The scatter symbols in the scatter bonus will also pay handsomely
  • The slot bonus also adds up to this feature
  • Another bonus feature is the Free Games Feature. During the free games slots bonus, the two birds can add even more wild symbols
  • The free games feature can be retriggered.

Curious Whether 1 Can and 2 Can Will Reward you for Gambling Online?

The betting stakes start from 0.01p for 1 line and the highest is 25 lines at a stake of £2. There are 7 line options and 9 stake options in total:

  • If you find 3 to 5 matching wild symbols you get a chance to win 5 to 100 times your stake
  • If you find the scatter symbols and are able to match up to 5 similar symbols you get a chance to win 125 times your stake this works for the Toucans beaks
  • The slot bonuses are very exciting in this game: If you match the five lizards you stand a chance of winning 250 times your stake!
  • Matching 5 monkeys will reward you 500 times your stake at Slot Fruity
  • In the wild feature, two wild symbols will get you a 10 times win, 3 wild symbols a 50 times win, four wild symbols a 200 times win and five wild symbols will get you a wonderful 1000 times win on all your coin wagers. This is the best slot bonus deal!
  • In the scatter bonus feature you will be paid according to the number of matching winning combinations: 3 scatter symbols are 5 times your stake, 4 scatter symbols pay out 15 times your stake, and 5 scatter symbols up to 50 times your stake.