Blackjack 6 in 1

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Blackjack 6 in 1

Blackjack is one of the most strategic casino game with various betting techniques that you can apply to try your luck with. You would certainly know the benefits of side betting in some Blackjack series games but this Blackjack 6 in 1 beats them all with six different side betting options on each hand, that makes it 18 side bets along with three main bets. Overall, there are 21 different bets that you can place in one go making this the best Blackjack online game ever. With so many possibilities, you are sure to win at least one bet every game and chances of winning multiple bets are stronger in this game.

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About the developer:


The developer of Blackjack 6 in 1 is Felt, a gaming company that has mastered the art of creating best Blackjack online games in different variants and features. They have many other award-winning games to their credit that have made them one of the top casino game developers in the world.

Best Blackjack 6-1 Game

About the game


Being the best Blackjack online game you get to win multiple different ways and along with standard rules of classic Blackjack, you get to place your bets on six different side bet games. The speciality of this game is that you get to win more money in the side betting games than the main Blackjack. The side bets in this game are Perfect Pairs, 21+3, Lucky Ladies, Suit ‘Em Up, Lucky Lucky and Buster Blackjack. The highest stake of all is the buster Blackjack where you can win 2000 times your bet amount when the dealer gets a bust with 8 or more cards drawn and you have a Blackjack.


  1. Perfect Pairs: This is the side bet game where you win when you get first two cards with same face value. You win 25-1 when you get two cards with same number and symbol, 12-1 for the same color and 6-1 for any color or symbol but same value.


  1. 21+3: Here you win when first two cards dealt with you plus dealer’s face-up card make a poker hand. You can win 100-1 when you get suited trips which are the highest stake of this bet.


  1. Lucky Ladies: You win on this bet when either your first two cards make 20 points or when you get at least one queen. Queen of hearts pair can win you 100-1.


  1. Lucky Lucky: In this best Blackjack online game you get to win this side bet when your first two cards plus dealer’s top card added together makes 19, 20 or 21 points.


  • Suit ‘Em Up: You will win this bet when the first two cards you get is the same suit with highest being two aces.


  1. Buster Blackjack: You win here when dealers get busted and the amount depends on a number of cards the dealer has drawn at that stage.

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Summary: This is the best Blackjack online with a huge number of options and possibilities of winning lots of bets. The only game that offers guaranteed wins every round with some or huge money.