European Roulette

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European Roulette

Roulette has been popular with casino players since the beginning of the game and has almost become synonym with the casinos. European Roulette is the most played version as it is extremely simple and also because it has a very low house edge. Now the game is available to play from your comfort zone with this best Roulette pay by phone bill version from Realistic Games.

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About the Developer

After being founded in 2002, Realistic Games Software has created and designed a number of top quality online games for various gaming operators worldwide. This best Roulette pay by phone bill game is also developed by the company.

About the Game

Popularly known as single zero roulette, this best Roulette pay by phone bill game is played using a roulette wheel which has 36 red and black slots and only one green zero slot. The basic aim of the game is to anticipate in advance what is going to be the outcome of the roulette spin. There are 18 black and 18 red slots with numbers from 1 to 36 and also a zero. Once the bets are placed the dealer drops the ball on the spinning wheel. When finally, the wheel stops, the balls also comes to a stop at one of the slots. If your bet features that slot then you win the bet. The game consists of a wide range of bets and betting amount which makes it possible for all kinds of players to enjoy the game.

Single Zero Roulette Online Game

Some of the main features of this best Roulette pay by phone bill game are as follows:

  1. The ToolTips button is pretty useful. You are able to find a lot of relevant things like payout odds, bet type, bet ranges, the value of the bet, and expected returns at the same place.
  2. Double Bet, Undo, Clear, and Spin features come in quite handy while placing the bet.
  3. The game can be played swiftly and smoothly by using Repeat Bet or Repeat Spin features.
  4. The neighbouring bets are also easy to place with Racetrack Mode, as it lets bet on more numbers at the same time.

The best Roulette pay by phone bill game


The best pay by phone bill game, when played online has quite a few advantages to it. First, you don’t have wait in line for your turn, second, you are able to play the game as per your pace, and third, you don’t have to face any time limit.