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Big Bang Slot


If you have ever felt like taking a space journey to explore the farthest reaches of the universe, then Big Bang might just give you that chance!

This space themed video slot game from Netent is all about space exploration. But the best part is that besides the view, you also get amazing wins that can make you rich enough to actually take a space journey in reality! With fitting sound effects and realistic animations, the game certainly has done its part in making sure that you feel like you’re in a space shuttle rather than a casino.

Big Bang Slots Online



The cosmos are not only a source of wonderment but a source of riches too, once you get gaming with Big Bang. The game offers some good features that are guaranteed to make sure that you do end up with a winning streak sooner or later. The game just has two features to boast of, but these two features are pretty well designed to make sure that you don’t feel like winning in this game is a challenge above your level.

Making up for its lack of scatter symbol, the game has not one, but two wilds that are set to tip the scales of luck in your favour! These wilds can come anywhere on all five reels. The best part is that this game does not have any other special symbols and so getting a wild more or less will get you a win too!

big bang slot machine bonus

Big bang also features a multiplier. This multiplier, just like the game, is progressive in nature. It guarantees you rates up to 32x! To get the benefits of this multiplier meter, all you need to do is make sure that you keep striking winning combos on your reel. Every time you do, the multiplier jumps into the next level with double the previous rate. Starting from 1x, the multiplier has 6 levels which can take you up to 32x.

But the only catch is that you need to have a winning streak! Every time you get a multiplier bonus, you need to make sure your next spin is a winning combo. If it is not, then the multiplier sets itself back to the initial 1x rate!


While it may seem that Big Bang is as challenging as taking a real space journey, the truth is far from that. Big bang Slot has a 96% payout percentage which proves that its features are well distributed to ensure that you do get a winning combo almost every time you spin! Combining this with the animation and sound effects, the game has to offer, it certainly does deserve a spot in the universe of slot games.