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Hi Lo Blackjack

When you have the urge to play Blackjack Phone Casinos UK this is the game to play. Hi-Lo Blackjack is an online blackjack game by NYX and Realistic. The game is an improvement on the regular blackjack game with the Hi-Lo bet feature added to give increased excitement as well as payouts to the players. The game has a very impressive payout rate of 99.92%.

About the Developer of Hi-Lo Blackjack

Hi-Lo Blackjack Online And Mobile

NYX and Realistic joined hands in the year of 2015 to combine their resources and create slot and online games for the new generation. They have seen much success after their merger with most of their slots turning out to be big hits.

About the Game

Hi-Lo Blackjack is nothing but the normal game of blackjack with an added twist. You can play this game in Blackjack Phone Casinos UK by just going online. The Hi-Lo bet feature which is the twist allows you to gamble on the value of the second card to be dealt by the dealer. This add on is separate from the main game and does not change the way the base game is played. You also have the option to use this feature or ignore it. So, if you just want to play a normal game of blackjack, you can do that too.

Hi-lo-blackjack want to play a normal game of blackjack

How does the Hi-Lo feature work? The game starts with 6 decks of cards and the players are asked to bet using the deal button. Once the bet is placed and the first hand is dealt, the player can use the Hi-Lo feature to gamble on the value of the second card. All you have to do is to correctly guess if the value would be higher or lower than that of the previous card. Guessing correctly leads to a win. The wrong guess means you lose. You can also win if both the cards or aces or if you reach a score of 21. On the other hand, if the first card is an ace and the second is not, it’s a loss. Impressed? Get online to play this at Blackjack Mobile Casinos UK.


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This game is quite easily one of the best online blackjack games out there. Fun gameplay along with a great payout rate makes this game a sure shot winner. Get online to play this game at Blackjack Mobile Casinos UK.