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If you think that vampires are scary creatures that can drink your blood, then no one is to say you are wrong. But when it comes to Bloodsuckers the horror themed video slot game from Netent you see that besides vampires, bridezillas and dodgy fortune tellers can scare you but also make you rich in the process. The game revolves around everything creepy with animations and sound effects at its design peak to scare the wits out of you! Indeed the developers at Netent have outdone themselves, giving the game not just a spin of horror but also a spin of luck with some amazing features and even a bonus game to keep entertainment at its best and payout probabilities at its peak.


Bloodsuckers has its share of horrors with vampires, monsters, bridezillas and fortune tellers popping up everywhere in the screen. But if you think they are all here to affect you in a bad way you are wrong! In this game, it is these monsters that work together to give you some amazing payovers.

The Wild in the game is none other than the central character the vampire. But don’t get confused between both the vampire symbols. It is the symbol in which the Vampire is ready to bite down a gorgeous lady’s neck that gets you rich! However this wild symbol cannot substitute for the scatter symbol.

The scatter symbol is the bridezilla but she is far from being a bad person. She not only rewards you with free spins but she also graces you with a multiplier that can multiply your stakes up to 100x!

The best part of Bloodsuckers is the bonus game! The bonus game in blood suckers is basically a pick and click game. Getting three bonus symbols gets you into the bonus game. The change in background and sound effects will immediately strike you that this is where you make your riches. In the bonus game you find yourself in the presence of 12 coffins. All you need to do is take a guess and pick the right coffin. While getting a vampire rewards you, a coffin full of bats is endgame.


Bloodsuckers is one game which can spook you out. But once you get the hang of it, these spooks become welcome from your side. Every time you see a monster your heart jumps with joy as you are one step away from getting rich. With apt sound effects and amazing animations, the game is certainly one of the all time bests from Netent.