Double Ball Roulette

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Double Ball Roulette

Roulette is no doubt one of the most admired casino games in the world, often played by celebrities and the riches but anyone can play and win a huge sum of money. There is one good news for fans of this game; Double Ball Roulette a classic game with a twist of two balls to multiply your luck. This Roulette keep what you win casino game also offers the ability to place side bets where you can win up to £2000 per game. This game requires minimum bet amount of £0.10 and maximum being £50 for inside bet and £1000 for outside. The double ball bet has a limit of £0.10 as minimum and max of £10 for the same number and £1 for the max jackpot.

About the developer of Double Ball Roulette:


The developer is Felt, a gaming company known for its perfection in bringing popular casino games to the online platform. They have created many different versions of Roulette keep what you win casino games you can try your luck at and win real money.

About the game

This Roulette keep what you win casino game spins with two balls one after the other with a certain time gap between the two. So for a number you choose, if one ball misses the other one still keeps rolling to your luck. If that is not enough, you also have a side bet where you can try your luck along and win up to 2000 to 1 your bet amount. The best part of this game is you have complete control of the second ball as you can shoot anytime prior to the preset time for launch. This gives you an opportunity to release the ball at a specific point and get closest to your chosen numbers.

  • The jackpot bet: There is a separate race track like a table in this Roulette keep what you win casino game with numbers from 0 to 36 around and you can pick any or all numbers to bet on. What you need to win this round is to both balls landing on a single number from numbers you have chosen. For example; if you have chosen 7 and both balls land on 7 then you win £2000 since max bet is £1. The table maximum is £50 and your side bet must not exceed this amount.
  • Neighbour bets: This is another feature of this roulette where you get to bet on the neighbors of your chosen number too. You can choose two numbers on either side of your main number and increase your chances of winning during each spin.


Summary: This Roulette keep what you win casino game has a return to player of 97.30% and you can win from various combination of betting choices you get to make. The two balls in this game make your winning chances double and irresistible.