Blackjack Suit em up

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Blackjack Suit em up

Blackjack suit em up is one of the best Blackjack by phone billing games that allows you to add funds directly from your phone. In this unique game, you can play three side bets along with the three hands of the main game. So the possibility of your winning has simply been enhanced by six-times each game. The side bet offers better-winning stakes with a chance to win fifty times your bet amount when you get two aces of the same suit, that is, two aces of diamond, spade, club or heart.

Blackjack Suit em up

About the developer of Blackjack Suit em up

The developer is Felt, a gaming company in collaboration with NYX Gaming that has produced hundreds of casino-based games on the internet. Apart from this Blackjack by phone billing game, Felt has created many versions of Blackjack and other classic casino-based games.

About the game

This Blackjack by phone billing game follows standard and basic rules of classic Blackjack with three to two win on Blackjack, two to one on insurance and one to one when you beat the dealer’s hand. However, the suit em up which is the side bet feature allows you to win up to fifty times your bet when you get two aces from the same suit. The next side bets win is ten times for suited Blackjack followed by five times on suited pair, three times for suited eleven and the least being two to one on any other combination of two cards from the same suit.

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Bet Amount: The minimum bet amount on all Blackjack hands in this Blackjack by phone billing game is 10p with a maximum at £40000 where you can win a maximum of £1250 when you get Blackjack. The side bets minimum amount is 10p but maximum is frozen at £250 per hand with a maximum winning amount that can go up to £12,500 when you get two aces from the same suit. But if you place a bet of £250 on all three side bets and if you get suits aces on all three then your winning is a whopping £37,500. So, whether you win the main bet or not you still have a chance to win this high stake on the side bet.

Betting Strategy: You can apply various strategies here such as increase your bet amount gradually as long as you win when you win a hand start back with lower amount again until the next win. This way you can cover for your losses as well as minimize them that allows you to stay longer in the game with your funds.

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Summary: This is one of the best Blackjack by phone billing games where you can win huge sums of money on side bets than on the main ones. When you bet on all hands, you can easily expect to win in every game at least on one hand, provided luck is on your side.