South Park – Reel Chaos

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South Park – Reel Chaos


If you are in the mood for some neighborhood mayhem, then join the bunch of 9 year olds trying to save their city from an evil doctor bent upon destroying their city. The latest joint effort from Netent and South Park studios brings to you South Park: Reel Chaos. Not only does the game have some wacky bonus games but it also has an interesting plot set for it.

The Game is all about a bunch of fourth graders taking on evil Dr.Chaos and his minions and allies in a quest to save their beloved city. An interesting thing about this game is that it only has one conventional wild feature. All the other features in the game are organized into mini games ending in an epic finale.


This 3 row, 5 reels and 20 paylines game is all about taking home some serious wins while having some serious fun! The conventional scatters are dropped and instead you have 4 mini games that bring to you all features you can think about in a power packed package.

The conventional wild is existent in South Park: Reel Chaos, but that is the only thing from the ordinary. The wild comes through all the mini games and even the main game. The only place where it does not come is in the final game where everything depends on your luck.

If you think that wilds will not actually help you much, then you can take heart in knowing that the first mini game is Cartman’s stacked wilds. In his pursuit to catch General Disarray, Cartman runs all over your play screen giving you wilds. This in essence is nothing less than a stacked wild.

But Cartman isn’t the only person who gives you wilds. Kyle is another 9 year old that can make you rich! In his battle with the minions, Kyle pops into the screen and zaps them to give you overlay wilds.

But the best two mini games are Kenny’s multiplier and Stan’s multiplying re spins in South Park: Reel Chaos. Here Kenny pops into the screen randomly to reward you with multipliers from 3x to 5x. But Stan saves the day for any player with a bit of bad luck. He gives free spins and multipliers for every combo that does not win something.

But the epic finale is the Mintberry Crunch bonus game where Mintberry takes on all 4 villains to make you rich!


Needless to say South Park: Reel Chaos is one must play slot game! The game not only has unique features but makes sure that every player is rewarded through its many mini games. The game has a really high payout percentage of 96.8% which is testimony to this fact!

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