Buster Blackjack

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Buster Blackjack

A Blackjack game with the ability to bet on three hands at a time, along with an option of side betting on each hand makes Buster Blackjack one of the best superbet coinfalls online casino game. In this game, regardless of your result in the main game, you get to win with the side bets. And the best part is that the amount you can win in the side betting is higher than your Blackjack. You can bet with amount starting 10p to a max of £40000 for Blackjack and minimum of 10p and a maximum of £250 on your side bets. There is an opportunity for you to win up 2000 to 1 in a side bet that can fetch you a whopping half a million when you bet with £250.

Buster Blackjack

About the developer of Buster Blackjack:

The developer is Felt, an NYX collaborative gaming company that has produced hundreds of superbet coinfalls casino games with various unique features and formats. Every game of theirs offers a unique experience along with an opportunity to win huge amounts of money.

About the game

This multi-hand Blackjack game has all the standard rules and feature of the classic version but allows you to bet one, two or three hands at a time. Added to that, you can even make up to three side bets at a time and on a whole, this superbet coinfalls game allows you to win six hands at one single shot with stakes that goes up to 2000 to one. Like all other Blackjack versions, you get to win 3 to 2 your bet on Blackjack at the deal, 2 to 1 if you take insurance and 1 to 1 on straight win beating the dealer on one or more hands.

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The Buster Deal: In this superbet coinfalls Blackjack game, the buster is your side bet game and you can see three circles, one above each hand with the game logo on it. You have to choose the amount and click on those circles to place your bet. You can either place on one or all side bet games and the amount can all be different. To win the side bet the dealer must get the bust and depend on the number of cards he has drawn at that point, you get your rewards.

Buster Paytable: When the dealer gets a bust in this superbet coinfalls game, he should have drawn 8 or above cards and you must have the Blackjack at the same time. If that happens, you win 2000 times your bet amount, followed by 800 times when you have a Blackjack and dealer gets a bust with 7 draws. The third highest is 250 times your bet when the dealer has busted with 8 or more cards and you need not have a Blackjack at this stage.

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Summary: This is one superbet coinfalls online Blackjack with the highest stake that can be won online and ideal for high-stake gamblers. With so many options and side bet features, your chances of winning are more than any other casino game online.