Mayan Bonus Slots

Mayan Bonus Slots

Are you fascinated by the mystery surrounding the ancient civilizations? Have you ever felt the urge to explore the regal history of the Mayans who inhabited our Earth several years ago? If yes, then the Mayan Bonus slot offers you an incredible chance to make it big while exploring the glorious past of the Mayans.

Massive prizes await players while they try the guaranteed prize bonus offered in this IWG slot and do make use of Gniazdo stronka for indulging in this fun game. The players need to reveal the nine prizes that are hidden behind the masks and they need to win three in order to grab the bonus. Fret not, if you can’t find three as the unlockable bonus game assures you a guaranteed win, which makes this slot quite an interesting one.

Mayan Bonus Slot Game Chance To Make It Big

Jak grać na Majów Bonus Slot na komórki

You need to click on individual items featured in this slot game for revealing a prize or a symbol. Clicking on the Reveal All button reveals all the items at once. However, if you love the thrill of the game, then you can reveal them one by one. Here are the steps that you need to follow to play this slot.

How to play Mayan Bonus on Slot Mobile Site

  • Set your stake: Click on the Stake option and adjust the value by either pressing + or – buttons.
  • Start the game: In order to start playing the game, you need to hit the Play button which is located right below the Stake button. Once you press this button, the stake gets deducted from the current balance.
  • Outcome: Once you have finished this slot from Gniazdo stronka, a message is displayed on the screen. You can choose to try your luck again or exit after collecting your winnings.

Zagraj teraz


Próbując swoich sił grając w tą grę z Gniazdo stronka, you are offered numerous chances to win. Matching three prize amounts in the main game and winning an amount in the guaranteed prize bonus game ensure a win in this slot. The theoretical average return to the players offered in this slot is 89.96%, which is quite a decent return.

Istnieje wiele z Gniazdo stronka offering this interesting slot game, however, you need to ensure to trust only reliable sources while trying this slot. Check out the incredible bonuses being offered by mobile casino sites in order to reap the benefit while playing,