Panda Pow Slot

Panda Pow Slot

Once an endangered species, now Pandas have been placed out of this category. Kudos to the activists and the Chinese Government who took this mission into their hands and gave the world these cute species.

To online and mobile Slot Game is inspired by these Black and White creatures, ‘Lightning Box’ przynosi ci najlepsze sloty na prawdziwe pieniądze!

This is an easy and friendly game. There are surprises which keep appearing in the game from time to time! Needless to mention, the game carries the friendly nature of pandas!

Panda Pow – What’s in store?

Slots Game Carries The Friendly Nature Of Pandas

  • Background:

Equipped with temples and Chinese ornaments, tego najlepsze sloty na prawdziwe pieniądze, The background is covered in red colour with various engraving like designs to give a royal effect.

  • Reels:

The reels are covered by bamboos below which lie the command buttons.

The spinners have to look for the following things:


premie Panda Pow

Istnieją pewne cechy szczególne w tym najlepsze sloty na prawdziwe pieniądze game which needed to be spotted for hitting of the big prizes!!

Spinners you should keep your eyes wide open for such special features may appear anytime!!

Slot dysponuje zbadać


The free spin feature z najlepsze sloty na prawdziwe pieniądze is very exciting.

Whenever the reels show panda on them, it indicates that the panda can change the other symbol icons on the reels (i.e. acting as the wild symbol).

Locating such 5 pandas at the same time leads to unlocking of the ‘Free Spin’ feature.

One can win up to 20 free games at a time,

Extra wild pandas make their appearances during this Free Spin time. Except on reel 1 and 5, these golden icons can appear anywhere and increase your chances of hitting a cash prize!

This bonus can be retriggered as many times as one finds enough panda scatters on the reels.

Niektóre słowa końcowe

Panda Pow Cash Bonuses Free Spins Slots Game

It can be regarded for the beginners as it carries very easy and friendly features with it.

Ukryte nagrody pieniężne jest ekscytującą cechą tej gry,

The unique feature of uniting the wild and scatter symbol under one umbrella makes the game interesting. This is definitely the najlepsze sloty na prawdziwe pieniądze available.

Who would have thought that the Black and White animal can lead to such a wonderful experience?