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New Wachezaji tu. Kiwango cha chini amana £ 10 juu ya yote 3 kuwakaribisha inatoa. Max ziada £ 500. Slot michezo tu. 30x wagering mahitaji na T na C ya kuomba.

Cats is a casino slots keep what you win game dedicated to all the wild animals and is a treat to all the animal lovers out there. Hii 5 reel slot game is set in the backdrop of a jungle with a beautiful scenery under the bright sun that looks very magical. Kuna 30 paylines katika hili simu yanayopangwa game which you can adjust as per your preference. The betting starts with £1 and can go up to £900 each spin, making the game ideal for occasional as well as professional gamblers. The graphical content in this game is truly mesmerizing and keeps you addicted with its various bonus features and free spins.

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About the developer of Cats:

This wonderful and wild casino slots keep what you win mchezo ilitengenezwa na IGT, an interactive gaming company with a plethora of slot games that can be played online as well as on mobile phones. They have developed several award-winning slots that are played across the world on various casino websites.

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katika casino slots keep what you win mchezo, there are some interesting symbols of wild animals and they are the black panther, tiger, lion, cheetah and a cougar. The black panther offers the highest payout of 2500 Mara hatarini juu ya 10 symbol appearances. All these symbols come in single and dual mode, where dual symbols are considered as 2 separate symbols. So to get the top win, five dual symbols or any combination of dual and single will suffice. Playing card symbols from J to A are low paying ones. The game logo and a wild animal paw print are the bonus symbols.

Wild Kipengele: katika simu yanayopangwa, the game logo is the wild symbol and it covers for all but the animal paw print. When this covers for an animal symbol, it counts as the double symbol. Kwa mfano; if two tigers appear with a wild symbol, the wild alone is considered as double tiger symbols. It basically increases your chance for those frequent big wins.

Free spins kuwatawanya: The paw print of the wild animal is the scatter feature of this casino slots keep what you win mchezo. This is available in single and double mode and four of scatter symbols doubles your total bet. Five and six times of appearances give you 5 & 10 free spins along with triggering the bonus.

Summary: Hii casino slots keep what you win game is perfect for animal and nature lovers. You can win loads of money with various bonus features, especially double symbols.