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Blueprint Gaming has developed one of the best online casino slot games, one that’s based on a cartoon series. With Thundercats, you have a slot that truly captures the essence of the 1980s cartoon. Check out the review below, for more information on this iconic slot.

Thundercats – best online casino For Both Low And High Rollers

What makes this game one of the best online casino slots around, is that it accommodates both the low and high rollers. With just 40p per spin, you can start playing as a low roller. For high rollers, a staked amount of £40000 per spin can be made.

One advantage players will have here, is that they can play from anywhere. Thundercats, being one of the best online slots allows you to play from any mobile device that can be connected to the Internet. The OS is not a barrier, as you can play using devices with both Android or iOS operating systems.

The Best Online Casino Slot Game With Exciting Symbols

Every of the best online casino games out there, has symbols of value on the reels. This slot has symbols that consist of  characters from the cartoon. The symbols include Cheetara, Tygra, Wily Cat, Panthro and Lion-O who is the top cat from the group.

The Wild symbol is Cheetara, and she will substitute all the other symbols on the reels. This will help you in landing winning combos. The main icons will open up bonus rounds, where you can land winning combinations.

Main Icon Bonus Features

You will get several bonus features with this best online slots game. Some of the bonus rounds on offer include a Lion-O bonus feature, where the wild symbol is added to the reel and thus improve your win percentage.

The wild symbol can act as a Wandering Wild, and fill out the visible positions on the reels. This will trigger the Tygra bonus feature and it will occur after you receive a payout. When Cheetara appears on reel 1, it will trigger extra wilds on the reels. Your chances of earning wins will then be boosted in this Cheetara bonus round.

The reels can have stacked symbols on them, which suitably increase your chances of earning winning combinations. This feature is known as the Panthro bonus round. A Wily Cat bonus round is triggered when two wild symbols appear on any reel. You will earn double your staked amount when this round is triggered.

Final Thoughts

This being one of the best online slots, has a way of enticing players. It does just that, with its various bonus features. You can be sure of gaining winning combinations more often, in this fantastic slot.