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How To Win Blackjack: Beat the Dealer & Enjoy Instant Cash Prizes

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Blackjack in general, is one of the best games to come out the winner. It has a very high return to player, and those that play smart can learn how to win blackjack relatively quickly. However, once this game moved into the virtual world of online gambling, certain techniques that proved successful at land-based casinos (e.g. card counting), became obsolete. That said, there are still recommended tips for how to win at blackjack without counting cards:

  1. Play Free/Demo Games Online and learn how does online blackjack work
  2. Use deposit bonuses to practice a variety of different online blackjack games
  3. Improve upon your basic blackjack strategy
  4. Understand that moderation is key & manage your bankroll accordingly

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In general, you can win at online blackjack and enjoy lucrative cash-outs as the game generally pays out at 3:2. So for example, if you were betting £10, you would be paid out £25. Meaning that you won £15 clear from your initial wager.

Do Tips To Learn How To Consistently Win At Blackjack Really Work?

Before starting to play blackjack online and getting sidetracked by the possibilities to win real money, be clear of one thing first: There is no strategy that’s 100% guaranteed to teach you how to win blackjack every single time. However, the following blackjack tips to win could improve the odds:

There are thrills to wagering real money online which is probably what makes winning that much sweeter. However, the pressure of losing money that you may not recover and cause players to make irresponsible decisions. Luckily at Slot Fruity Casino, you can get a bonus when signing up and also play games for fun in demo mode.

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There are many strategies and blackjack tips to win that players who are drawn to blackjack can learn. However, the first step is always to understand the foundations first. Primarily, this is to draw a hand (consisting of 2 cards) whose value is higher than the dealer’s but not more than 21. If you go over 21, you lose/go bust.

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Cards valued from 2 up to 10 are worth their face value, while all the face cards (J,Q,K) are also worth 10. Aces are valued at either 1 or 11. If the hand is counting the ace as 11, it’s called a ‘soft’ hand (i.e. ace + 7 = soft 17). However, if the hand is counting the ace as a 1, this is called a ‘hard’ hand.

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Please be aware, however, that the latter is probably the better option. Especially if you want to keep what you win when playing with bonuses. This is because the chances of winning are high, making the House Edge (an advantage that casinos have) relatively low. Thus, blackjack games only count for 10% of the playthrough requirements, meaning that you’re better off using your bonus to learn how to win at slots instead.

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  • Practice Playing a Variety Of Different Online Blackjack Games

There are over 20 different variations of online blackjack at Slot Fruity, presenting a combination of Live Casino Real Dealer Blackjack games, as well as ‘software generated’ games. One of the other perks to playing for real money here is that you can get a welcome bonus on your deposits.

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Use this to discover even more exciting gaming titles which include:

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Please remembers to read the Bonus Terms and Conditions when accepting/playing with casino credit. Bonuses have to be played through before your own money, and blackjack games will still only count towards 10%.

  • Improve Upon Your Basic Blackjack Strategy

Once you’ve understood the ‘how to win at blackjack basic strategy’ and still have bonus credit to play with, you’ll be ready to start building upon your foundation. Simple rules of thumb which experts claim to reduce the House Edge by as much as 1% include:

online blackjack strategy cardNote: This online blackjack strategy card is ONLY a SAMPLE

  1. Hit ( accept another card): Until you have at least a hard 17 if the dealer has a face-up card of 9 or better
  2. Stand ( don’t accept another card):  On a hard 12 or more if the dealer’s face-up card is between 4 and 6
  3. Doubling Down ( doubling your stake/bet): If the dealer has a face-up card of 9 or lower, and you’re sitting with a 10
  4. Splitting Aces and Eights ( splitting 2 identical cards into 2 separate hands)
  5. Never accept Insurance
  6. When in doubt, use an online blackjack strategy card
  • Manage Your Bankroll & Play With Moderation

Regardless of whether you’re on a winning or losing streak, it’s tempting to keep going to either capitalize or recover respectively. That said, one of the key tips for how to win at roulette, blackjack, poker – or any gambling game – is to stick to a budget.

gamble aware - keep what you win

Always place wins aside. This way, even when you’ve exhausted your initial bankroll (i.e. the initial amount you decided to gamble), you’ll still have your winnings to cash out.

Is Online Blackjack Fair?

Online casinos and the software used to power them can be tampered with. However, if you’re playing at reputable casinos that are licensed by the appropriate Gambling Authorities, then this need never be a concern. Authorities such as the UK Gambling Commissioner regulate all online gambling sites and ensure that software is regularly audited.

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Players who are fans of table games should also read our How to Win Roulette page for more winning tips and expert advice. As always, you’re encouraged to play for fun, and always quit while you’re ahead. If you’ve got any questions, our online customer services team is always on hand to answer any questions or concerns. More – Slot Mobile Tips Here!

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