Blackjack One Deck

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Blackjack One Deck

The best category in a casino are the table games played using a different number of decks of cards. These games are popular not just because they are played mostly by professionals but also because they require a combination of luck, skills and strategies to win. Blackjack one deck is a card-based casino table game that allows you to use various different strategies. What is different about this game is the live environment with a real human dealer facing an HD webcam that offers a realistic gaming experience that of a land-based casino. This is a multi-hand version of blackjack one that is played with betting starting with £1 to a maximum of £100 per hand.

Blackjack One Deck

About the developer of Blackjack One Deck


This live version of the classic game was developed by Extreme Live Gaming, a casino based developer who is popular for transforming casino games into live online versions. You can experience real-life like the atmosphere in all their games that makes you feel you are in a casino.

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About the game


Blackjack one deck is played with six hands where you place your bets on any number of hands as per your preference. You can either choose same bet amount for all six of different for each hand between £1 and £100. There are 8 decks in this game and you will be assisted by a professional human dealer who deals real cards on a real game table. You can even interact with the dealer using the chat feature provided in the game. There are side bet games where you can place your bets too. These side games are 21+3 and Perfect Pairs and again where you can either play one or all six hands.


  • Playing Blackjack one deck: Your aim is to ensure that you draw cards close enough to get to 21 points on all the hands you are playing. Just make sure you do not exceed 21 points which are when you lose the hand. Get 21 from the first two cards, you are the instant winner of that hand and get 3 to 2 your bet as a payout. Beating dealer’s hand will get you 1 to 1 and 2 to 1 with insurance when the dealer gets a blackjack hand.


  • Side Betting: The best part of Blackjack one deck game is its side bets 21+3 and perfect pairs. 21+3 is a game where you have to make a poker hand using the first two cards of yours and revealed a card of the dealer. Perfect pairs are won when you get a pair of a kind from first two cards; either coloured pair, a pair from the same house, similar value, etc.

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Summary: Blackjack one deck is a perfect game that offers a live environment along with multiple hands of both main and side bets. With so many features and options, you can make a profit in almost every round.