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Jack and the Beanstalk Slot

Jack and the Beanstalk

Get your climbing gear on, because you’re going to be climbing a beanstalk in search of your winnings! Jack and the Beanstalk offer some great game graphics that will put you in mind of the timeless tale of little Jack, as you both set out on a little adventure that will fetch you more than just some magic beans.

Giant hunting

Jack and the Beanstalk begins with a short intro where you get to see a young Jack, rooster firmly gripped in one hand, running down from the beanstalk as he’s being chased by a very dumb, but fierce-looking, double-headed purple giant. You are then taken to Jack’s home where you’re presumably hiding away until you can make some money.

little adventure that will fetch you more than just some magic beans

The fun part about Jack and the Beanstalk is how you get to enjoy a free spin every time there is a wild symbol displayed on the reels. This gives you a way to keep your bet constant with every spin so that you aren’t wagering too much on the slots. This is the game’s Walking Wilds feature, mainly because the wild will then move to the left of the screen by one reel, until it moves to reel one. You will then no longer be able to play any more of these free spins. All of these spins come with a 3x multipliers, which makes for a pretty decent deal.

If you get three or more of the game’s scatter symbols, you can activate ten free spins. You can avail of the Walking Wilds feature during this round also, which means that you can get from 15 – 20 free spins throughout the round.

Jack and the Beanstalk slots online

There are some extra wild game symbols that will help you score some more loot: getting three keys will give you a wild money bag symbol. Getting six keys will give you a stacked golden goose wild symbol that can appear stacked on the reels. Getting nine keys will give you a harp which is an extended wild symbol. This is the one symbol you need to look forward to so that you can enjoy some big payouts.

Why play Jack and the Beanstalk?

Jack and the Beanstalk has some entertaining graphics, which is something that NetEnt never disappoints you with. The game’s extra wild features and the free spins rounds certainly make the potential of winning high a reality. The Walking Wilds is also a great feature to look out for with this game. It’s a medium variance game and you can always walk away with a cool 20% higher amount on your deposit, so get your boots on and help Jack find you some treasure.

Jack and the Beanstalk Online  And Mobile Slot Game


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