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Evolution Gaming decided to give a surprise to the fans of baccarat with a cool table named The Speed Baccarat Live . The concept of the table game is very easy to understand. The provider of this game removed all the time consuming features which a standard baccarat game has and thus gave the players a chance to fully enjoy the pure action instead.

For instance, standard baccarat rounds last usually for approx 48 seconds but a single round of the Speed Baccarat Live lasts only for 27 seconds. The game does not features multiple cameras or various feed angles or squeeze option but everything on the table of this game is about playing and not about waiting.

Speed Baccarat Live

Speed Up The Chances Of Win With Speed Baccarat Live

The game rules stand almost similar to any of the standard baccarat Online Casino game. The table game is played with the help of 8 decks of the cards. The game is directly streamed from company’s studios located in the Riga, Latvia. This table also features side bets and is available in the real money mode only.

The online casino game begins with a dealer dealing in two faces up cards. One for players and other for the banker but only after the betting period has been passed. Players should really speed up their time taken for placing the bets since they have a slot of 12 seconds to place bets. In any case, if there is any need for the third card, then the card is instantly drawn by dealer without looking for any of the waiting periods.

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While dealing with two third face up cards, the dealer immediately resolves the ongoing round by declaring the result. There are only 3 possible outcomes- the player wins or the banker wins or there is a tie. The losing bets are thereby removed while the winning bets are provided with appropriate payout. The players now again have the 12 seconds to either join next round or to leave the table game.

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To Sum Speed Baccarat Live Up

The Game is powered by Evolution provides incredibly fast paced casino action. The game comes with standard baccarat rules that make the game easy to understand to the new players. It instantly attracts the experienced players. The game provides a smooth gambling sessions which are accessible on desktop and other mobile devices. Speed Baccarat Live is a highly recommended for players who wish to play more games than the usual within an hour time. Gamers also get a chance to experience the high levels of the adrenaline.