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Evolution Gaming has an Online Casino poker game with a gameplay similar to the land-based version. This online poker is known as Three Card Poker, and it comes with a single standard playing card deck. Players can take advantage of the different betting options available as well as their respective payouts. Read this poker game review fro more information.

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Playing Three Card Poker Online

Once you have loaded the Three Card iPhone Poker online game on your mobile device. You will be required to select your betting chips and place your respective bets on a chosen betting table. An Ante Bet is first placed on the table, and then players will be required to do a ‘Play Bet’ on the same betting value as the Ante bet.

If you possess a ‘Queen card’ or if your hand is strong, you can be victorious (i.e. For both the Ante and Play bet). You can also place a ‘6 Card Bonus Side bet’ or ‘Pair-Plus Side-bet’ as well.

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Bets And Their Respective Payouts – Three Card Poker

In this Mobile Casino Slots Online UK poker game players will start by placing an ‘Ante bet’ and this bet comes with a payout equivalent to 1:1. They also place a ‘Play bet’ after making Ante bet and the payout is also 1:1.

On the other hand, a ‘Pair-Plus Side-bet’ will give players a payout of 100:1. For the ‘Three Of A Kind Or Better’ players have a payout range starting from 7:1 and reaching as high as 1,000:1.


You should know that in placing an ‘Ante bet,’ you would be required to choose your betting chips first. You will then be required to place these chips in the Ante position on your preferred betting table. The Ante position is at the centre of the betting table.

In Three Card Poker you will be given three uncovered cards once you have placed ‘Ante bet’. The next would be the ‘Play bet’ after which your cards are displayed. The host will declare the winner, and you win if your hand (i.e. your three cards) is stronger than that of the dealer.

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To Sum Up

This is a live action online poker from Evolution Gaming Studios in Riga, Latvia. The steaming is extremely fast and in high definition as well. With a mobile device using either iOS or Android operating system, you can start playing today. Three Card Poker also offers you the possibility of earning a massive 1,000:1 payout on a ‘Three Of A Kind Or Better’ bet.

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