Dolphins Roulette

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Dolphins Roulette

This is one of the best ROULETTE DEPOSIT BONUS games that offers a live interface with a human dealer and a real roulette spin wheel board. Because of its popularity, there are few slot games designed with the similar theme too. The entire game visuals look like the game is set inside an aquarium with beautiful sea creatures and a dolphin. This game is designed based on underwater pearls slot game and the table is European format one zero and numbers from 1 to 36 to choose from. Dolphin’s Roulette also has a side betting game where you can win money regardless of the result of your main game. So every spin offers dual wins with side game and the main game that you can bet with simultaneously.

Dolphin’s Roulette

About the developer of Dolphin’s Roulette

This wonderful ROULETTE DEPOSIT BONUS game was developed by Extreme Live Gaming that is popular for many of its live version casino games that they create for the benefit of online players. All their games offer a secure environment so you can safely carry out your transactions with respect to deposit and withdrawals of betting money.



About the game

This ROULETTE DEPOSIT BONUS game features a game wheel, layout for placing your bets, live human dealer facing a webcam to assist you and a side slot game. The game is played with standard European table rules and you can choose your betting chip with a value starting from £1 to £100 per game. You can place your bets on a single number or multiple numbers using formats such as split for two numbers, street for three numbers, square for four and dozen for 12 along with additional options such as neighbours of one or more numbers. These multiple betting abilities help you make a guaranteed win in every game, however, it is up to you to identify which is the strongest position so you can place a higher amount bet for making profits.

Dolphin’s Pearl Side Bet

This is the side bet of online ROULETTE DEPOSIT BONUS game and is played by choosing a symbol on the slot. Once you pick a symbol you will have to choose an amount and once the reel stop spinning you will get a payout depending on the symbol it stops at. The dolphin pays the highest with up to 80 times your bet.

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Summary: This ROULETTE DEPOSIT BONUS game is the best one online with live dealer feature and a side slot game that offers guaranteed a win from 1 to 80 times your total bet amount. So, even if you lose on the main game, you can always expect to win from its slot.