Treasure 7×7

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Treasure 7×7

Another game from your top slot machine site – IWG, is the Treasure 7×7 online slot game. This is an adventure-themed slot game where players aim to find hidden treasures and stand a chance of winning an assortment of cash prizes each and every time they play.
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A Top Slot Game from a Top Slot Machine Site

Treasure 7×7 online slot game comes in very bright coloured, clear and detailed graphics.
The animation of this game is also cool and you are treated with a soundtrack that is both exciting and nice to listen to. IWG is the top slot machine site that developed this game and like the other slot games that they offer, they have included great features to help you win amazing cash prizes in this one. There are sixteen (16) different ways that you can win in this online slot game.

Getting Started with Top Slot Machine Site!

You begin this game by setting up your stake value for each line.This can be done by clicking on either the positive (+) or the negative (-) icon, to either increase or decrease your stake amount respectively. You are then required to click on the ‘CONFIRM BET’ button to officially place your bet and start playing the game.

This setup is similar to other slot games on offer by this top slot machine site.

Once you click on the ‘CONFIRM BET’ button, you are instantly taken to the primary game.

In the main game, you are required to select seven (7) out of the twelve (12) tiles that lie face-down. When you select the seven (7) tiles, you uncover a symbol which is compared with other symbols on the 7×7 grid. You will win if the symbol you uncovered matches any of the symbols displayed on the 7×7 grid and you are able to achieve a diagonal, horizontal or vertical line full of symbols.

Verdict: Treasure 7×7 is worth it or not?

There is only one top slot machine site that offers you a slot game as explosive as this game.
IWG has included sixteen (16) different ways by which you can walk away with a load of amazing cash prizes. You keep winning, as you keep playing!

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There are no losers in this game, only winners as every player will find that there is a treasure hidden at every turn of the gameplay. If you bet a sum of £100, you can extract a payout of £89.90 on an average from this game.