We bring you a very safe environment to deposit and withdraw your money at Slot Fruity. We ensure that all financial information that we process is encrypted, and is sent via a secure connection and stored on our secure servers.

You can see below a summary of the deposit and withdrawal options we currently offer and the minimum and maximum transaction amounts and processing times.



Visa Credit £10 £2500 per day
Visa Debit £10 £2500 per day
Visa Electron £10 £2500 per day
MasterCard £10 £2500 per day
Maestro £10 £2500 per day
Ukash £10 £200 per voucher
PayPal Coming soon Coming soon
Skrill £10 £10,000 per day
Boku Mobile Billing £10 £30 per day




Visa Credit £10 / £20,000 per week 2-3 working days
Visa Debit £10 / £20,000 per week 2-3 working days
Visa Electron £10 / £20,000 per week 2-3 working days
MasterCard £10 / £20,000 per week 2-3 working days
Ukash £10/£200 per voucher 2-3 working days
PayPal Coming soon Coming soon
Skrill £10/£10,000 per day 2-3 working days
Boku £10/£20,000 per week Cheque posted usually within 3-5 days


3D secure at Slot Fruity

3D Secure or Three Domain Secure is one of the most secured and authentic way to make online casino payments. Apart from being safe and secure, this format is also very convenient for the users. Instead of filling in the card details online repeatedly, the cardholder only needs to do that once when signing up for this method. And for all the transactions that follow, they will only require a password. Slot Fruity also uses this authentication standard.

While the first timers might find the method to register or sign up for this way a little tiresome, for all other transactions from the same card there will be much less to do. The cardholder is required to enter the relevant details about them and the card. Then the bank will authenticate the details that were filled in. Once the bank gives the approval, a password is set to be used for all transactions to be done with the card online.

If someone uses Visa, Visa Debit, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro, or Solo Cards to deposit money in their Slot Fruity account, they will have to use the 3D secure feature. Firstly, the depositor will be taken to the bank’s secure web page. On that page, the special secure password will have to be entered. Once the password gets authenticated, the bank’s confirmation will appear.

Safety and Security are a major concern when it comes to making online payments because of increased cases of cyber crimes and thefts. This is why this format is chosen by Slot Fruity. In this way, the cardholder’s information is not shared with the merchant. The details are only exchanged between the cardholder and the bank. Therefore, it can be said to be the safest way of transacting online when using debit or credit cards.

There are hardly any cases of transaction failures using this authentication standard. This method is gaining popularity nowadays. Not only because it is the safest way to deposit online, but also because it is only a one-time deal to fill in details. For all the transactions on the same card, there is only one password required from the point of signing up.