Hi Lo Gambler Blackjack

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Hi Lo Gambler Blackjack

Blackjack is a very popular classic casino based table game and there are many variants of it online with a different side bet features and Hi-Lo Gambler is one such phone casinos top game. This version has to give hands you can bet on along with one side bet per hand that enhances your chances of winning more. You can find a high-quality table set professionally with decks of cards, chips, and scoreboard to track your status. There is a piece of nice orchestra music playing in the background to keep your senses kicking and alive in the game. The betting limit for both main and side games are £1 min and a max of £40000 per hand.

high-quality table set professionally with decks of cards

About the developer of Hi-Lo Gambler :

The developer is NYX (Realistic) and as the name suggests they offer realistic gaming experience in all their casino games. With amazing themes and innovative features in their phone casinos top game category, they have managed to place themselves among top-ranking game developers in the world.

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About the game

This phone casinos top game follows standard and basic rules of the classic blackjack game where your aim is to beat the dealer by getting 21 points or closest number to it. Remember that if you exceed 21 points, you lose that hand and same applies to all the other hands. You have an option to place your bets on any number of hands from one to five and likewise with the side bet game that is called ‘Hi-Lo’. Here you will have to choose either Hi or Lo, where you can win with high if your second car is of higher value than the first and to win with lo the second has to have values lesser than first.

Game Preferences: There some useful game settings in this phone casinos top game such as changing the colour theme of the table and adjusting volume for music, sound effects, & the dealer’s voice. You can also enable or disable insurance prompt, even money, game warnings, auto stand and removal of bust cards.

Automatic Stand: This is one useful feature if you want your hand to automatically stand on hard 17, 18, 19 or 20 as well as on soft 19 & 20. Standing on these numbers is usually recommended in order to avoid getting a bust.

Payout: Beating dealer’s hand will pay you 100% your bet amount, insurance pays 150% and blackjack wins pay you 250% your bet amount.

phone casinos top game