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Blackjack Diamond VIP Live Blackjack is an amazing online casino game powered by the industry leader The Evolution Gaming.  It is streamed directly from the UK and Latvia.  This table game is pure heaven for all the thrill seekers that really appreciate the professional dealers and the luxurious playing atmosphere.

The game is streamed live from various angles via high definition cameras.  The game also offers the close-ups of the actions while playing. Diamond VIP is also easily supported for playing on the tablets and smartphones devices.  In terms of rules, they are almost similar to the standard blackjack rules and also allow the players to place the side bets too.

Blackjack Diamond VIP

Try your luck with Blackjack Diamond VIP  and Win Amazing Payouts!

In order to initiate playing Diamond VIP Live Blackjack, gamers must possess an apt live casino account along with a big bankroll.  The table limits for this game are between 1,000 to 5,000, which gradually lowers the number of players who can easily afford it.  Thus, the game is highly recommended for high rollers and the VIP players.

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The playing rules of game and gameplay are pretty standard.  The table game is played with the help of 8 decks of the cards and also offers a random shuffle along with side bets options. These side options provide playing the game a thrilling experience. The accepted side bet is the Pre-Decision, the Perfect Paris and the 21+3, gamers can place the insurance bets as well. Professional dealer stands on the 17s, while the player has a wide range of opportunities once they are dealing with their two cards.

As the player and dealer make their own decisions of either hit-stand-double or split, the game stands resolved.  The one who is close to zero or not to bust is announced the winner. In any case, if the dealer wins, the bet stands lost.  If the player wins the game they will receive 1:1 payout, while the blackjack pays 3:2.

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To Sum Blackjack Diamond VIP Up

Without any doubt, Diamond VIP Blackjack powered by the Evolution gaming is kind of real treat for the players with big bankrolls.  This online casino game in return provides the players with top-notch service and the world-class playing experience. The game is set in a luxurious studio thus providing smooth gameplay.  The game is nothing less than the perfect product.