Big Money Slingo Bonus

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Big Money Slingo Bonus

Online games have become more daring and one progressive jackpot slot machine that expresses this fact is the Big Money Slingo Bonus game.

Progressive Jackpot Slot Machine to Unleash the Adventurer in You

IWG is known to develop very creative online slot games. Big Money Slingo Bonus is one online slot game with a difference. What makes this game a progressive jackpot slot machine is that it has an adventure-themed gameplay. Built with elaborate animations and stunning graphics, this game keeps you interested in it for a long time.

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This game has a free spins feature with which you can win cash prizes of up to £200,000. When you begin this game, you are allowed to select one out of six exotic locations that are meant to bring out the explorer in you. You will establish winning lines on your game board and make lots of money as you visit these various locations.

Playing Six Locations is Simple and Easy

The six locations that you can explore in this game makes it a progressive jackpot slot machine that adds a distinct variety to your gameplay.

The six sites that you can visit and what it would cost you to play at these locations are as follows:

Lucky Gulch which can be played with £15.

Diamond Peak will cost you £10 to play.

Smugglers Cove can be played with just £400.

Royal Forest can be played with just £2.

Golden Fields will cost you £1 to play.

Jokers Helmet can be played with just 50p.

Progressive Jackpot Slot Machine

Each location has similar gameplay, what differentiates one location from another is the graphics, animation, the cost to play and prize money that could be won. The locations with higher costs will give you the opportunity of winning bigger cash prizes. When you start your betting, you are initially entitled to six spins. You may win extra spins as you play and progress.

The objective of this progressive jackpot slot machine game is to establish as many lines as you can. These lines can be horizontal, diagonal or vertical and as you win or ‘Slingo’, you are rewarded with numerous cash prizes.

As you play the most expensive location known as the Lucky Gulch, you can stand the chance of winning cash prizes of up to £200,000.

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The graphics and animation are fun and exciting. You also have a user-friendly interface for the gameplay to make your playing experience worthwhile. The potential for winning enormous cash prizes is increased as you spend a little more to play the more expensive locations. In this online slot game, you are offered a return to player (RTP) of about 85.15%.