The Invisible Man

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The Invisible Man


Under a collaborative effort by Netent and Universal studios, The Invisible Man is a slot game realization of the famous 1933 science fiction movie titled the same. Just as in the movie, the game too features the spooky adventures of the hero, as he risks his life in various exploits. But in this game, you do not get to pick sides as you benefit from both Griffin and his chasers as well. In two bonus games, you get to chase down Griffin and get a free spin fiesta to make sure that you do get over sizable wins. But since the entire game is spent chasing down griffin, it is safe to say all you need to do is keep getting Griffin on your play screen, in the main game and bonus games to ensure that you don’t get disappointed.

The game features some spooky sound tracks just like the movie, and some excellent animations both in the slots and features to make sure that you remain entertained throughout the game play.


Netent has certainly brought about some visible changes in the features of The Invisible Man. Rather than having usual wilds and paylines, this game features a both ways win. This way you paylines get counted from left to right and right to left that can flip your luck in your ways.

In yet another stray from convention,The Invisible Man features not one but two wilds. But the best part of these wilds is that though they appear only on reels 1 and 5, they walk through the entire row tipping down symbols in your favor. These are popularly dubbed as walking wilds.

Rather than using Scatter symbols the developers have made use of the two wild symbols to ensure that the wild functionality remains universal. When you get both the wilds together on the screen, they walk towards each other to collide and give you 10 free spins.

Getting one of the two wilds brings you closer to one bonus game or the other. In the Griffin’s rage bonus game we see Griffin trying to elude us through three stages. Our role is simply to pick and click the correct object to uncover him. In the police free spins bonus you get three free spins with 5 preplaced wilds to win!


Just like the theme, The Invisible Man game is in every way out of the ordinary. With a payout percentage of 96.4% the game features some interesting ways to win. It is one of the must try games for any slot lover tired of conventional features and looking for something new that rewards in a big way.


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